What Vegetables Can I Grow On My Porch?

The people who don’t have enough space for growing vegetables can grow vegetables on the patio. You don’t need a half-acre of land for growing your favorite veggies. 

You enjoy vegetable gardening on your patio without having an outside garden. The things you need to start a patio garden are a sunny spot, pots or containers, rich soil, and the right veggies for growing on the patio. 

How Big Should A Patio Vegetable Garden Be?

Patio gardening is not a very expensive idea nor does it need effort for initial setup. But it takes time to care for your vegetable plants. You can grow dozens of containers or pots of vegetables every season on your patio. 

Vegetables Can I Grow On My Porch

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to grow then you can start your patio garden with a few pots. When you learn about gardening then you can increase the number of pots. 

20 Vegetables You Can Grow On Your Patio

Fresh vegetables give you the best flavor and taste that you never get from store-bought vegetables. If you grow vegetables on your patio you not only save money but you can also add natural beauty to your patio. 

There are several vegetables that you can easily grow on your patio without facing any trouble. You should choose the plant according to the size of the containers or pots you have. Heard we are going to give you a list of 20 vegetables that you can easily grow on your patio. 

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For growing tomatoesOpens in a new tab. on a porch, you just need a container or pot whose diameter must be 14 inches. Fill your pot with the high-quality potting mix as it contains all the required nutrients for your tomato plants. 

Make sure your tomato plants receive 6 to 8 hrs of sunlight. You can choose midget, patio, or dwarf varieties of tomatoes for growing on your patio. Cherry tomatoes can easily grow, so you should also select this variety for growing any size of container or pot. 

When you see the tomatoes are ripe then it is time to pick the fruit. Fresh tomatoes have full flavor so it is better to eat them soon. When you refrigerate them then they lose flavor. 


With your love and care, bell peppersOpens in a new tab. can easily grow in containers on your patio. These aromatic vegetables need a pot whose diameter should be 12 inches. 

If you are a beginner then you should not start growing bell peppers from seeds. It is better to buy a bushy small plant from any local nursery or gardening store. 

If your blood has small fruit then you will get better results. In this way, you can easily grow the papers in containers on your patio. 


You can easily grow squash in containers or pots effortlessly. When you are starting squash from seeds then make sure there must be proper space between them. 

Your squash plants need proper support so you should install staking or trellis to share the burden of fruit. You should maintain the frequency of water and fertilizer for your squash plants. This plant can’t tolerate cold so you should pick up the fruit before the last frost.


Eggplant is also another option for growing in confined areas. You can grow it in a container or support it on your patio. The container you choose for growing eggplant must be 12 inches deep and it has drainage holes at the bottom. 

You should keep in mind to never use garden soil for filling the container but use a high-quality potting mix that has perlite and vermiculite to make soil richer to grow healthy eggplants.


For growing beansOpens in a new tab., you need a minimum 12 inches deep pot. The attractive foliage and flowers will add color to your patio. For small spaces, you can use a porch pick variety. 

This variety produces crispy, sweet, and tender beans. The small red heart flowered by a scarlet runner. Delicious nutty beans will give fresh days to your dishes. 


The minimum depth of the pot or container for growing beetroot is about 12 inches. The variety Chioggia is candy-striped with white and red rings. This is a sweeter variety. The Detroit dark red variety is perfect for growing in containers and pots. 

This is perfect for growing in small spaces such as patios. The size of the beet is about 3 inches long and ready to harvest within 59 days. Make sure your beetroot pot is receiving full sunlight on your pressure. 


This vegetable can easily grow in containers, pots, planters, or window boxes. You can get a non-stop harvest from summer to plate after providing all conditions. CarrotsOpens in a new tab. like to grow in cold climates and the best time for planting them is from mid-spring to mid-summer. 

Keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering because it is harmful to your plants. After 3 to 4 weeks, your carrots need feeding so you should apply fertilizer to get a healthier crop of carrots. 

Most the varieties of the carrots are ready to harvest within 2 to 3 months. There is no need to harvest all the carrots at a time. You can pull the carrots when you need them. 


Select the location for your potato container where it gets maximum sunlight. You can start your potato plants in containers two weeks after the last frost. 

You can get all the information about the dates of frost from any local nursery or gardening store. You can start your potato crop in a container earlier. 

As the soil of the container will get warmer earlier than the ground. Regular watering and feed are needed when you grow potatoOpens in a new tab. plants in containers or pots on the patio. 

You need a 20 inches wide container for growing at least 4 seed potatoes. When the plants have flowered then you can harvest potatoes. 


It is a heavy feeding crop so it needs a large container. Light, well-drained, well-aerated, and rich soil is needed for growing broccoli vegetables. You should select a fast-maturing variety of broccoli for growing in your containers. 

The suitable temperature for growing broccoli is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit 6 to 8 hours of sunlight is also essential. If you grow broccoli from seeds after 50 to 70 days your crop will be ready for harvest. 


A sunny and warm location is needed for growing chili peppersOpens in a new tab. on your patio. Jalapeno is ready to harvest within 65 to 70 days. Thai Hot is a type of pepper that can easily grow in containers. The height of this chili plant is about 8 to 12 inches. This variety is ready to harvest within 85 days. 


After deciding the type of garlicOpens in a new tab. you want to grow in your garden. The next step is choosing the right size of the pot. The depth of the pot must be 8 inches and the width depends upon the number of cloves you want to grow. 

If the width of the container is 20 to 22 inches then you can grow 8 to 10 cloves. You can maintain the fertility of the soil when you grow plants in pots. 

Well-drained and rich soil is needed for growing garlic in pots. Set the clove 3 inches deep in the soil of the pot, and keep the pointy end up. There should be a 3 to 4 inches gap between each clove. Place your pot where your garlic plants get 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. 


This heat-loving vegetable should be planted when the temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees centigrade. You can sow the seeds 2 weeks after the frost. 

They can’t tolerate cold and frost so avoid early planting. It is suggested that cucumberOpens in a new tab. should be planted directly in the soil of the container as transplanting can disturb the roots. 

You should install proper support for cucumber plants. In this way, they will take up less space on your patio and harvesting will become easier. A consistent supply of water and regular feed is essential for your cucumber plants. The best time for harvesting is when cucumbers are slightly mature. 


Zucchini can easily grow in containers or pots. The vines of zucchiniOpens in a new tab. should be trained up on our trellis or proper support. This little work will help you to get a better yield. Consistent watering and full sun is needed for this healthier vegetable. 

14- PEAS

Peas can’t tolerate hot weather so early spring and fall is the perfect time for sowing them. Well-drained and rich soil is needed for growing peas in pots or containers. 

Make sure your pots are receiving full sun exposure for production. When summer starts this plant stops producing so it is the time to pull the plant out from that container and grow something else in it. 

Peas can enrich the soil with nitrogen for the next plant. This vegetable plant is easy to grow so you can plant it in a container or pot on your patio. 


There are many advantages to growing lettuce and salad greensOpens in a new tab. in containers or pots. Your plant is less affected by weeds and pests. Fill your pot with rich soil as it has all the essential nutrients. 

The pot or container you are using must have drainage holes at the bottom. Keep the soil moist by maintaining the frequency of water. Salads and lettuce greens should be planted in spring. 

When the weather goes warm then you should place your pot in a shady area. In this way, you can extend your harvest. 


This is a fast-growing crop as it is ready to harvest within one month. You need only a 4 to 6 inches deep pot for growing them. Radishes are perfect for growing in small spaces so they are perfect for growing on patios. 

This vegetable can’t tolerate the heat of the sun so you should place the container in the shade. There are many varieties of radishesOpens in a new tab. you can select according to your choice. 

Radishes are started from seeds and like to grow in well-drained and moist soil. The top of radishes is also edible. It is better to harvest radishes on time otherwise they will become so hard and bitter.


The pot you are using for growing spinachOpens in a new tab. should not be so deep but wide as the roots of the spinach need space to spread. Spinach likes to grow in partial shade so choose a place on your patio in a shady area. 

The baby leaves have a mild flavor and eat they raw in salads. The size of baby leaves is about 3 inches and older leaves should be 6 inches. You should grow at least 10 plants of spinach to fulfill your needs.


Asian Greens can easily spend their life in pots. The pot you are using must have drainage holes at the bottom and fill it with rich soil. Drainage holes prevent your plants from root rot. They are fast growers and don’t need a lot of sunlight to grow. 

You can choose a place on your patio where your pot receives 4 hours of morning sunlight.  Moist and fertilized soil is needed for Asian greens so they can thrive well. 


HerbsOpens in a new tab. make your food more tasty and full of flavor. You can easily grow different herbs such as oregano, mint, chives, thyme, cilantro, and basil in pots and continuous kitchen supply throughout summer and spring.  Herbs have small structures so they can easily thrive in pots. 


Onions grow well in containers or pots on your patio. OnionOpens in a new tab. is a versatile vegetable and perfect for container gardening. This vegetable easily adjusts in small spaces like the patio or balcony. 6 inches deep pot is ideal for growing onions. Your onion plants thrive well in the right soil.  

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