What Is The Best Container To Grow Strawberries In?

Strawberry is a fruit plant that can easily grow in containers due to its compact growth. If you want higher production of your strawberry plants then the traditional way of growing is preferred. 

But there are many advantages to growing strawberries in containers. Some of them are as follows. 

  • People who have limited space prefer container gardening. Most people want to grow plants but if they don’t have a garden they can grow plants in containers or pots. The container of strawberry plants can easily be adjusted on the patio and balcony. This plant has lush green leaves, white flowers, and tasty berries that make it more attractive.
  • You can also move it to any place you want according to the sun exposure. You can rotate the container so all the parts of the plant get equal sunlight. So strawberry plants enjoy the warmth and light of the sun.
  • The other most important advantage of growing strawberries in containers is that the fruit will not fall on the ground. So the ripened fruit will not become the food of slugs and snails.
  • This is a perfect idea for those who have an unsatisfactory situation with soil for growing strawberries. You can maintain the fertility of the soil when you grow plants in the container. Make sure you are using a high-quality potting mix for filling your container and avoid using garden soil. Potting mix has all the basic organic materials that are essential for growing your strawberry plants. 
  • If you are living in a rented house or apartment then you can easily move your containers. Containers are easily portable so you can take them with you to your new place.
  • Your plants get proper air circulation and this will protect your plants from many diseases.  Harvesting becomes easier when you grow strawberry plants in containers or pots.  

Best And Unique Containers For Growing Strawberries

There are different shapes, designs, colors, and sizes of containers available for growing plants. The price varies according to the size of the container you are buying for growing your favorite variety of strawberries. 

The depth of the container should be enough according to the roots of your plants. The ideal depth of the container is 10 to 12 inches. If you use terracotta pots for growing strawberry plants then they will dry out very quickly. 

You have to increase the frequency of water for such pots. Hanging baskets, wooden vegetable crates, window boxes, and growing bags are also good options. 


The size of the growing bag must be 33 liters or 95cm × 35cm. You can grow a maximum of 6 plants in it. You can use a traditional grow bag with holes. 

This is a cheap way of growing strawberries and your fruit is protected from slugs. But this is not an attractive option as it needs large space on the ground. 


This is another classic planter in which you can grow strawberry plants on the top and in pockets of the planter. This is a very attractive planter that can hold many strawberry plants at a time. 

If you grow strawberry plants in this planter then you will get a higher yield of strawberry fruits. Maximum  8 strawberry plants you can grow in this planter. 

The size of the planter is 35cm × 35cm. Well-drained and sandy soil is needed for growing strawberry plants. Make sure the soil has all essential organic nutrients. 


A clay window box is a slim and compact shape container. It is perfect for windows or a balcony. Maximum 4 strawberry plants you can grow in it. The size of this plant is 60cm × 15cm × 18cm. 

Fill the window box with high-quality potting soil. Make sure your strawberry plants fertilize every 10 days. You can use a water-soluble fertilizer, for instance, 10-10-10 or 20-20-20.  Maintain the frequency of water so your plants thrive well. 


Terra cotta pots are classic strawberry planters. The opening sides of large size containers allow strawberry plants to grow along the sides. The opening sides of pots are just like little windows that look very unique. Terracotta pots are made from clay. 

When you grow plants in pots and containers then you should be careful when filling them. Make sure you are using a high-quality potting mix. Perlite should be added to your soil to make it airy so your plants can easily breathe.


A hanging basket is another way of growing strawberries. You can also buy pre-planted hanging baskets of strawberries from any local nursery or gardening store.  You have to do nothing, just go and buy.  No need to sow the seeds and wait for the sprouting of the seedlings.


This DIY Idea has become very popular among gardeners. These baskets have holes, you can line the basket with landscape fabric if the holes are very large. 

You can grow more strawberry plants of strawberries in the hole of the basket. This is a very amazing way of growing strawberries at home. Add compost to make your soil richer and keep it moist by regular watering. 


This idea is perfect for those who have limited space. They can grow the runners of strawberries in a vertical strawberry patch. The vertical garden wall system is a unique idea for growing plants. 

This is a stylish decorative hanging planter for small spaces. Each planter has drainage holes at the bottom to prevent strawberry plants from root rot. You can use a bone meal for fertilizing your strawberry plant as it has slow-release phosphorus. 


You can grow more strawberry plants in a ladder planter as it has three to five tiers. This ladder planter can be made from metal or plastic. You can easily assemble this planter without any use of specific tools. 

Each plastic container has enough room for the roots of a strawberry plant. Keep the soil moist by regular watering, you can check the surface of the soil with the help of a finger. 

If it feels dry then it means your plants need water. Always pour the water at the base of your plant. The moisture on the leaves will encourage fungal disease. 


This is an elevated planter that is perfect for those who have physical issues. Without bending or kneeling, you can grow your favorite strawberry plants very effortlessly. You can place this planter on a patio or deck. This planter is available in different sizes.


A gutter garden is also perfect for growing strawberry plants. You can create a gutter garden by simply using rain gutter pieces. After that, you can hang them at an accessible height against a wall. 

You can also use PVC pipe for this purpose. Make sure the PVC pipe or rain gutter both have drainage holes at the bottom for your plants. Fill them with high-quality potting soil so your strawberry plants get essential nutrients for their healthier growth.


You can easily use an old bucket or tub for growing strawberry plants. It doesn’t matter if your bucket is made from metal. You can also use old ceramic or concrete washtubs or basins. 

This is a very useful idea to recycle your waste material and a cheap way of growing plants. But make sure you are using a high-quality potting mix for growing strawberry plants. 

If you add fertilizer and compost to the soil then it will become richer. 6 hours of sunlight is needed by strawberry plants to produce healthy berries.


You can also use pallets for growing strawberry plants. Your strawberry plants will get enough space because of the large spaces between the boards. 

You can use landscaping fabric so it can hold the soil easily. Before using the pallets, you should check whether the wood is not chemically treated otherwise it will be harmful to your plant. 

Natural wood is recommended for making containers. After creating your pallet container, you can fill it with soil and maintain the frequency of water. Keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering because it is the common reason for not getting success. 

According to the weather conditions, your plant needs water. If the temperature is low it needs less water if the temperature is high then your plants need more water. 

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Best Varieties Of Strawberries For Growing In Containers

The selection of the variety of the strawberry is very important. You should be careful when you are choosing a variety for growing in containers. Wild strawberries are best for growing in containers. 

The following are the 5 best varieties of strawberries for growing in containers. You can select one according to your choice. 


This is a disease-resistant variety that produces runners. This variety naturally sprawls out and fills the container or raised bed. If your strawberry plants are overcrowded then you can transplant them into a large container. 

In this way, you can multiply your plants. This is recommended for growing in hanging baskets, raised beds, and window boxes. 


This wild variety is perfect for both small and large containers. Although the size of wild strawberries is small, their sweetness and aroma are just like regular ones. 

The color of the flavorful berries of Alexandria strawberries is deep red. This everbearing variety produces fruits continuously from summer to the first frost. You can propagate it from seeds and divide mature plants. 


The red delicious berries of this variety will produce fruit from mid-summer to the first frost. The size of the berries is about ¾ inch. The maximum diameter of the container must be 10 inches with 6-8 inches depth. If you have a large container then you can grow multiple strawberry plants. 


The color of berries of this variety is pale yellow but the flour is sweet. The berries are not attracted by birds and are less likely to be eaten by them. The diameter of the container for growing this small runner-less bush variety must be 12 inches. 


You can propagate this variety by rummers, seeds, or dividing mature plants. The fruiting time of this variety is from mid-summer to the first frost. 

The size of the fairly firm berries produced by this variety is about 1 inch. You can start indoors from seeds to get fruit in your first year. This bushy growth variety is ideal for growing in containers or raised beds.     

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