Rooting Grape Cuttings In Water

Experienced gardeners always increase the number of grape Vines by using the cuttings.  For propagation purposes, you need healthy vines from a particular cultivar.  

This is a cheap way to grow new plants and save money. There is no need to buy seeds or young plants from a nursery when you use cuttings from your grapevines for growing objectives. 

If you are new to gardening and want to grow more grapes from the cuttings then you are reading the right article. This project will swiftly add more grape vines to your garden. 

Now we will tell you each and everything about how you can root grape cuttings in water. You can use hardwood or softwood cuttings for the propagation of grapevines. Now we will discuss with you one by one how hardwood and softwood cuttings turn into new grape vines. 

Cuttings From Hardwood

In this method, we will tell you how to take cuttings from hardwood. The success rate of the propagation of hardwood cuttings of grapes is 70 to 80%. 


If you want your new grape vines to produce high-quality fruit with good quality then you must select the cuttings just before harvest or at harvest. 

The size of the cuttings must be 12 to 18  inches with at least 4 buds. You must avoid taking cuttings from those vines where the nodes are spaced further apart. 

It is better to take cuttings from the base of the shoot. You can use a sharp pruning shear for taking the cuttings from your favorite vines. Make sure you are cutting just below the node. 

Make sure that the diameter of the cutting must be ¼ to ⅜ inch. You should not compromise on the thickness of the cutting because if they are smaller or larger the chances of will be low. 

Another thing you should not forget is that the divine should not be damaged or diseased.  A healthier-looking vine is preferable for taking cuttings. 

When Is The Best Time To Take Cuttings?

When you decide to propagate grapes from cuttings you have to wait until the vines have gone dormant then you can select healthy and one-year-old cuttings. 

December or January are the right months for taking cuttings when the weather is cold and dry.  As you know grape vines use fruit during the summer so the dormant period starts in the fall and winter.  

How Long Does It Take To Grow Grapes From Cuttings?

Usually, 1 to 2 weeks is enough for the rooting process of grape cuttings. Sometimes this duration could be 6 weeks or more. It depends upon the growing conditions. When you transplant these cuttings in the soil then they will start juicy grapes for you after 3 years. 

Rooting Grape Cuttings In Water

This is a simple, common, and easy method of propagation of grapes.  Cuttings will help you to produce the same copies of the grapevine that you have in your garden. Following are the steps for rooting grape cuttings in water.

  • After selecting the suitable cuttings from your desired grapevine.  The next step is to prepare them for rooting in water. 
  • If you want to increase the chance of success then you should propagate grapes with several cuttings. In case, some don’t grow then you have other options of cuttings to plant them outdoors. 
  • For the rooting process,  you have to remove most of the leaves at the bottom part of the cuttings.  This will also help in the growth of roots rather than focusing on the hydration of leaves.
  • Now you need rooting hormones to speed up the growth of roots.  you have to just dip the ends of the cuttings in the rooting hormone.
  • Take a glass vase and fill it with fresh and distilled water.  You can also take plastic bottles for keeping cuttings. 
  • If you want to avoid molding in the water then you have to change it periodically. Clean and fresh water prevents your cuttings from different diseases. It will also help encourage the growth of new roots. 
  • Regularly monitor cuttings and soon you will see the tiny roots start emerging from the cuttings. At this stage when the roots are developed now your cuttings need to be transferred to the soil. If they remain in the water they will not get essential nutrients for their growth. They need actual soil for proper feed and growth. 

Greenwood Cuttings

If someone wants to accept the challenge of growing greenwood cuttings then this option is for them.  

For this trickier endeavor, you must have experience propagating other perennials through cuttings because this is a less reliable method for beginners. 

You have to take these cuttings during the growing season when grape vines are producing juicy treats for you. 

Reasons Why We Choose To Propagate Grapes From Greenwood Cuttings

The following are the reasons for propagating grapes from green wood cuttings.

  • In case you want to propagate your grape vines in the summer season then you have to take green wood cuttings for more fruit. 
  • In case, your relative, friend, or neighbor offers you greenwood cuttings during the summer or growing season and you want to try them for propagation.
  • The third reason for taking greenwood cuttings is that you want to propagate a lot of grapes during the growing season. You have to take the greenwood cuttings from your productive vines and plant them for more juicy grapes. This method will produce a lot of individual grape plants. 
  • You have tried to grow grapes from hardwood cuttings but have not succeeded. If you are not disappointed with your first attempt and now want to give it a second try by using greenwood cuttings. 

Selection Of Greenwood Cuttings

The best time for taking greenwood cuttings is during the late spring to late summer.  It is better to choose a healthy grapevine from which you are taking cuttings. 4 to 6 inches long cuttings are best. You must take at least 6 cuttings to increase the chance of success. 

Trim The Leaves Off

Removing the leaves from the cuttings will reduce the water loss.  larger leaves should be removed; you can keep the smaller ones.  if the cuttings have too many leaves then they will overburden the new plant. 

In such cases, new cuttings will not be able to focus on the growth of roots. A lot of leaves also need moisture which affects the rooting process. 

Rooting Hormone

Routing hormones play a very important role in the propagation process of grape cuttings. It is not necessary but if you use it then the chances of success will increase. 

Antifungal properties of rooting hormones encourage the growth of roots. You can use the No 1 Stim Root for greenwood cuttings or softwood cuttings.  

There is an option of using homemade rooting hormone. The best simple and effective rooting hormone is made from cinnamon and raw honey.  

You have to apply raw honey at the end of the cutting and now roll it in cinnamon.  This will work as an effective rooting hormone.

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How Long Does It Take For Grape Vine Cuttings Root?

You will see the sign of routing within 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes this period will be longer and roots start emerging after 6 weeks.  The grape vines propagate from cuttings and will start producing fruit after 3 years. 

For juicy grapes, make sure the vines are receiving enough sunlight.  When you transplant plant greenwood cuttings then you can apply a fertilizer that contains a high amount of nitrogen. You can also use blood meal or rich compost to make soil more fertile.

Planting Grapevine Cuttings

Using cutting for propagation is the best way of preserving old varieties of grapes. The cuttings you keep in the water soon start growing.  

When the tiny roots are one inch long then this is the time to transplant them in the soil. Water will not provide all the nutrients they need as a growing media that contains all the nutrients. 

You can directly transplant the cuttings in their permanent location in your garden but it is better to plant them in a pot. When it grows taller then you can transplant it to the permanent growing location. 

You can also grow the cuttings in the pot all summer and when fall comes you can transplant it in your growing area. 

When you are planting the cuttings then you must avoid breaking the roots or shoots. If you are using greenwood cuttings then you must be careful because they are more delicate and there is a possibility of damage. 

After planting the first thing needed by the cuttings is water.  When you water newly planted rooted grape cuttings then they can easily adjust to the new environment. 

When you see the cuttings are started growing and the shoots get at least six inches long then the plants need balanced organic fertilizer. You can use fish emulsion or liquid chemical fertilizers such as 16-16-16 to feed new plants.  

Grape Cuttings Care Tips

Every plant needs your care, time, and love. When you are growing grape vines then you must consider the following factors and make it possible that the growing conditions are according to the needs of your newly planted cuttings. 


Light is an important factor for any plant. as you know grapevines will produce fruits for you.  Without full sun exposure, it is not possible that your fruiting plants will produce fresh and juicy fruits for you.  Heat and light both are needed by the fruiting plants. 


You should not come from Eyes on the nutrients of the soil.   Grapes need well-drained and rich soil.  Make it possible that your plants will be free from weeds and grass.  

Weeds are unwanted plants that steal all the nutrients from the soil and as a result, there is a combat between the grapevines and weeds for nutrients.  Grapevines grow deep in the soil so that’s why the soil should be best for the strong root system of grapevines.

You should maintain the frequency of water so the young plants get an inch of water weekly basis, especially during the first two years.  If you are living in a dry area where there is a lack of rainfall. 

In such a case, you have to supply the adequate amount of water that is needed by your grapevines. 


The ideal temperature for growing grapes in your garden is between 77 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  If the temperature is below 77 degrees Fahrenheit then it will stunt the growth of grapevines.

 Humidity levels can also affect the growth of grape vines.  High or low humidity is not good for development. The average humidity level is best for fruit production.


For the growth of grapevines, you can use a fertilizer that contains high amounts of nitrogen. The best time to apply fertilizer is in early Spring. You will get all the information about using the fertilizer on the label. 

It is better to use the fertilizer during the first two years. When your vines are mature you should not apply fertilizer. But keep an eye on the vines if they look healthy and vigorous then there is no need to add any organic material. 

You can also use rich compost around the base of the grape vines during the first two years. There is no need to apply mulch as it will keep the plant cool and grapevines are sun-loving fruiting plants that love heat. 

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