Recycled Container Gardening Examples

Recycling is the best thing that you can do right now for your garden. It is not just good for your garden, it is great for our environment too. We can simply use any container, plastic bottle or milk container as planter or seed starting kit.

By doing recycling you can improve your garden or increase you productivity in garden without even spending a single dollar.

Things To Use As Containers:

Give a few minutes to your surroundings like your kitchen, garage and greenhouse. You can easily find a few things that you should be able to use in you garden like old shoes, old jeans, old furniture or pot shape electronics like old washing machine.

You just need you imaginations and you can turn anything into planter that needs recycling. These containers and planters are not costing you any money, just your imagination and open mind.

Vintage Wagon Planter:

Vintage Wagon Planter:

Wagons are perfect for large flower beds and for culinary herb garden and even salad garden to grow spinach and lettuce, leaving plenty of space and portability.

How To Use A Wagon As A Planter?

First, drill some holes in the bottom of wagon for drainage as we know drainage is necessary for plant’s life. These holes provide the necessary drainage to prevent root rot and excess water.

Line the bottom of the wagon with a mesh or cardboard to prevent dust from falling through the drainage holes. If the wagon needs several pieces of screen to cover the underside, overlap each piece by 2 to 3 inches to make sure no soil comes out of the joints.


Fill the wagon with potting mix, using a bagged mix or you can make your own potting mix by mixing 40% compost 50% garden soil and 10% coco peat or peat moss. Leave about 1/2 inch to the container edge.

Use Of Wagons As Planters:

Now you can plant your herb garden, salad garden and other shallow rooted plants if your wagon is not very deep. If your wagon is more that 6 inches then you can even plant tomatoes and peppers in it.

Teapot planter:

Teapot planter

You can recycle an old decorative teapot, it will make solid open-top container, makes a great planter for your small plants like herbs or succulents. These tea pot are sensational planters for your garden that will really stand out in a garden.

How To Make A Planter Out Of A Tea Pot?

First you need drainage holes in the tea pot so, start with drilling holes at the bottom of the teapot. You can use a standard drill machine for regular metal or plastic pots to drill drainage holes in the bottom. Or you can leave the drainage holes if you are just planting succulents.

Put a layer of gravels as a first layer before soil (This will allow drainage if you happen to overwater sometime.)


You will need that potting mix to grow in the tea pot. Remember, do not use any kind of garden soil to grow in containers, you will need potting soil.


Choose small decorative plants for teapots. You can plant succulents, herbs and much more if your tea pot size is bigger. Otherwise stick with small plants. Take the plant out along with roots and place it in a teapot, then add more soil and gently press it. The water you plant regularly according to the need of plants and soil.

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Alarm Clock:

Alarm Clock

The old-fashioned alarm clock can be used as a planter in your beautiful decorative garden by turning the inner structure into a perfect bed for ornamental plants.

Turning Alarm Clock Into A Planter:

  • First separate all the pieces of the alarm clock, and clean each piece Of clock with some rubbing alcohol.
  • Use sand paper and remove all the glossy paint from the clock. Now, cover the clock with a layer of chalk paint, and let them dry completely.
  • Now you can use a small planter that is build in clock as a bed for your ornamental plants like air plants and succulents.

Birdcage Planter:

Birdcage Planter:

Both birdcages and birdhouses can be used as planters. They are ready-made containers for your garden, all you need to do is to check for bird eggs, clean the cage or birdhouse and plant some ornamental’s.


Birdcage can be used as a holder for your plant’s container and make a beautiful addition to your balcony or deck garden. But you can use birdhouse as a full planter and plant it it. Use potting soil or potting mix for the medium of plants to grow.

Tin Cans:

Tin Cans

Another recycling idea to make a planter is to reuse old tin cans that would otherwise be thrown away. Tin-can should be utilized as planters because they are pretty strong and hardy and you can put them in full sunlight.

Maintain drainage system:

As we already discuss that drainage hole are very important for plants in planters so make some hole in the bottom of tin-cans and put a single layer of stone in the bottom to stop the blockage of hole.

The tin-can planter would look great on a windowsill or a smaller balcony space. Small cacti can grow brilliantly in tin cans as they require lower space and maintenance.



You are in luck if you are renewing your bath and have an old sink at your disposal. There is not of hard labor, you can simply convert that old sink into a beautiful herb garden.

You can make it into a herb garden, or you can simply turn that old piece of junk into beautiful pond for you garden, put some golden fish in it and plant some water plants in it.

Conversion Of Sink Into A Planter:

Vintage sinks are already planters because they even have a built-in drainage hole. Before putting the soil in the sink, you need to decide the final position of sink because they will get pretty heavy.  

Now, make a layer of small stones and pebbles before putting soil. Potting soil will be great to grow any kind of plants in the sink.

Ways To Use The Sink In The Garden:

  • You can easily create an alpine garden in an old sink
  • Grow culinary herb garden like coriander (cilantro), basil, and thyme and mint
  • Fill the sink with water to create a water feature pond for fish
  • You can pack them with succulents plants
  • Put a trellis in the sink to grow sweet peas for a beautiful addition to your garden

Painted Tire Planters:

Painted Tire Planters 

Used and old tires are one of the most versatile items. You can use these tires in your yard. These magnificent rubber rings can be a great addition to your ornamental garden. You should paint them before using them or stack 2 – 3 tires on top of each other to make a huge planter for your trees.

Never throw out these tires, they can survive many decades unlike other planters. Sure, there are different school of thoughts about using them to grow vegetables but you can still use them in your ornamental side of garden.

Old Baskets:

Old Baskets:

Any kind of basket that is laying around your kitchen can be used as planters. You should apply one or two clear protective sprays or wood sealants in order to help the basket to last longer than usual. 


Fill the basket about two-thirds with the best potting soil that you can either buy from market or make your own buy mixing 40% compost, 50% garden soil and 10% coco peat or peat moss. Avoid mixing heavy soil and never use just garden soil, as it will soon become so compact that plants cannot survive. 

You can plant your gift garden in the basket. Plant a herb garden if your basket is a little bigger and give it to your friends or family as a house warming or birthday gift.



Colanders can be recycled to build beautiful hanging baskets. They have natural holes for drainage and can be used as a table center. Colanders are perfect for displaying beautiful flowers and even herb garden.

Using Colanders As Containers:

Take plastic or bags and cut them into the size of colanders with scissors. Line the colander with plastic sheets or fabric and spread them out so that they cover most of the inside of the colander. 

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Old Dresser Drawers:

Old dresser can give a great touch to your garden. They can act as a vertical planter for your garden. You can paint them or leaves them to give a rustic look. Again drainage holes are necessary and use potting soil for better growth of your plants. You can even use your old dresser to make a compost bin.

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