How To Grow Roma Tomatoes In Pots?

If you are a fan of tomatoes or tomato sauce you should grow them in your garden. But if you do not have enough space or you live in an apartment then you can grow them in pots. 

Growing tomatoes in pots not only fulfill your tomato requirements but also gives you a feeling of satisfaction and beautifies your balcony or patio.

Roma tomato or Roma is a plum tomato popularly used for both canning and producing tomato paste because of its slender and firm nature. They are also called Italian tomatoes or Italian plum tomatoes. 

roma tomatoes in pots

Because of the less content of water, they are very sweet.  They grow nearly up to 3 inches long and are oblong in shape. They are varying in color ranging from deep red to pink and orange. 

They are full of flavor with a tangy garden fresh tomato taste. Roma tomatoes have fewer seeds which makes them more special.

Roma tomatoes are determinate which means that the fruit ripens at one time rather than continue through the season. While they can be eaten raw, they are at their best when they are cooked. 

Growing Roma Tomatoes:

To grow Roma tomatoes is an excellent choice for home gardens because the Roma tomatoes grow in a big compact bush and when tended well they can even produce a massive yield. 

To grow Roma tomatoes the first thing is a selection of correct seeds and location. A sunny location is best for their growth. You can easily grow them in pots.Opens in a new tab. The period for maturation of Roma tomatoes takes 75-90 days from germination to maturity. 

Growing Roma tomatoes is much similar to other varieties. They are different in shape and size but the growing process and requirements are similar to other varieties.

Benefits Of Growing Tomatoes In Containers

Growing tomatoes in containers have the following benefits


When the weather turns foul or the sun changes, the containers and their plants can be moved to safety or better light. Container gardens also have the benefit of being used even when your home does not have a yard or growing area – apartment and condominium dwellers can still enjoy fresh tomatoes, even without a garden plot.

Year-Round Growing:

Another benefit is the ability to bring the tomatoes indoors to create a 365-day growing season. Containers can be utilized on the porch or patio, in a window, or any combination thereof. That makes for year-round growing

Everything Is Under Full Control:

Finally, for the gardener, containers have one distinct advantage over the ground they can be controlled. The soil’s type and contents, drainage, and even temperature can be controlled easily in a container. These are important for the gardeners. 

Growing Roma Tomatoes In Pots:

For growing Roma tomatoes in pots following material is required.

  • Seeds
  • Suitable container with a hole at the bottom (for drainage)
  • Soil
  • Watering cane
  • Cage for support (because they are bushy)
  • Suitable fertilizer

Propagation of Roma Tomatoes:

roma tomatoes seedlings

They can propagate through seeds or seedlings. It largely depends upon the climate. If you have left two to three months before your last frost date you can easily grow Roma tomatoes from seeds. If it is one to four weeks left your frost date seedlings are a better choice to grow Roma tomatoes.

Planting Procedure:

Use neat and clean pots for Roma tomatoes because if the pot has remained from previous plants or if it is not so the clean plant may rot easily. Use a high-quality seed starting mix for growing Roma tomatoes. 

Give them a right start with a lightweight, well-draining growing medium that is rich in organic matter. Moist the potting mixOpens in a new tab. before filling in pots or containers.Opens in a new tab.

Use healthy seeds and plant them at accurate depth because tomatoes’ seeds are very small and if you plant them too deeply in the pot they face a lot of difficulty in germination or may you will never see them again. So sow them about half-inch deep and cover them lightly with potting mix.Opens in a new tab. 

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Care For Roma tomatoes:

roma tomatoes transplanting in pots

After planting seeds care to involve the following things

Container Size:

A containerOpens in a new tab. should be large enough to provide a full room for roots to grow well. A pot at least 14 inches across is the minimum size to have decent success growing a patio tomato. 

PotsOpens in a new tab. with more than 20-inch diameters help plants perform even better and the deeper the better. Plants can easily absorb and transport the water and get nutrients from the soilOpens in a new tab. when they are planted deep. It also helps them to achieve the maximum height.


Choose a sunny spot that has at least 8 hours of direct sunlight per day Because Roma tomatoes require lots of sunlight to grow out juicy crop. It is safe to say that a good amount of sun is the main component of a productive and successful harvest.


Roma tomatoes grow well in temperatures ranging from 12-32 degrees Celsius.  You should not start your tomatoes too early because they are highly susceptible to frost.

Soil pH:

Roma tomatoes require warm well-drained soilOpens in a new tab. rich in organic content. These tomatoes can also tolerate some acidic conditions but they will be most productive at PH levels between 6.0-6.5.


Water your plants regularly. Growing Roma tomatoes requires plenty of water. Take care of water in a colder climate especially when grown in a partially shaded spot. The tomato plant requires more water at the time of fruiting. Lack of water can cause the splitting of tomatoes.


Roma tomatoes do not require pruning because they belong to the bush variety of tomatoes. They are determined means they stop growing and producing fruits after reaching a certain height.


Application of manure or compost from time to time is a recommended practice. Avoid excessive nitrogen fertilization as it can affect the fruit quality of Roma tomatoes.

You can also fertilize the plants once a week during the growing season, moreover when the plant is setting fruits. During planting also add balanced slow-release fertilizer.

Pests and Diseases:

Roma tomatoes are resistant to many pests and diseases. In diseases, they are commonly infected by blossom end rot and fungal diseases if the foliage is kept wet. 

Disease Control:

Diseases of Roma tomatoes can be controlled by using neem oil or by companion planting.


Place a tomato cage inside of your pot or container.Opens in a new tab. When growing Roma tomatoes you need to use a tomato cage to reinforce the plant structure as it grows. By providing support plant grows vertical rather than horizontal. The plant should be placed in the center of the cage.


For Roma tomatoes, the color is the best indicator. Once the tomato is red all the way from top to end it is ready for picking.

Do not pluck the fruit before maturity because well-grown and ripened tomatoes are more delicious and flavorful. Roma tomatoes are a determinate variety so all tomatoes ripen at about the same time. Harvest the tomatoes when they turn red.

Types Of Tomatoes Grow Best In Pots:

roma tomatoes plants and fruits

There are six amazing types of Roma tomatoes that you will definitely love to plant in your home. 

Plum Regal:

Plum Regal is meaty, flavorful, and dark red Roma tomatoes with good immunity towards early and late blight diseases. They’re easy to grow and require high fertile soilOpens in a new tab. rich in phosphorus and moderate in nitrogen content.


Granado is a bright red and oval-shaped Roma tomato variety. It has effective pest resistance and features impressive growth in fertile soilOpens in a new tab. and moderately cool temperatures. 

Sunrise Sauce:

Sunrise Sauce variety of Roma tomatoes is sweet in taste and ideal for preparing delicious tomato sauces and pastes. They’re easy to grow and maintain with soil requirements the same as every Roma tomato species.


Heinz is a superior Roma tomato variety that nurtures large, plumy, flavorful, and nutrition-filled tomatoes. It is also rich in lycopene, an effective antioxidant that nourishes the body with several health benefits. Kindly ensure to grow them in organic-rich and well-drained soilOpens in a new tab. accompanied by watering on a regular basis.

Martino’s Roma Tomato:

Martino’s tomatoes are delicious, pear-shaped and slightly dark red tomatoes with good yield and early blight disease resistance. Its growing requirements are similar to other varieties of Roma tomatoes.

San Marzano Tomato:

San Marzano is widely used in seasoning, sauce preparation, and exotic salad toppings. They’re bright red long fruits with rich taste and thrive well in fertile, well-drained and organic soil

Roma Tomatoes Are Good For?

Roma tomatoes are a great source of potassium and vitamin C and many other nutrients but amazingly Roma tomatoes have several beneficial forms of nutrients in the vitamin A family , including lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene. 

These nutrients are important for your vision, immunity and may lower your risk of certain cancers.

Uses Of Roma Tomatoes:

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This tomato is ideal for making a delicious stew, sauce, or tomato paste. For an even more intense flavor, try roasting your Roma in the oven and using it to create a tomato pesto or bruschetta topping that has a bit of a kick. With so many ways to use and a delicious flavor it’s the perfect tomato to get adventurous with!

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