Best Container For Growing Ginger

Ginger is an essential ingredient in most Asian dishes.  This is a warm climate crop and has many health benefits. 

You can buy healthy ginger plants from a local nursery. Store-bought ginger roots can also be used for growing purposes but it may be possible that they are coated with a growth inhibitor. 

The other possibility is they may be treated with fungicides and pesticides for healthy planting. you should soak the ginger root for 24 hours in water to clean up.

Container gardening is perfect for those who have limited space. So if you have limited space then you should not lose your heart. You can grow this healthy plant easily at your home. 

Containers are easily portable from one place to another place so most gardeners are their favorite plants in containers. The size of the container depends upon the plant you are growing in it.

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You need a wide and flat container because ginger roots grow horizontally. It means the width of the container is very important than the depth. The ideal size of the container for growing the ginger plant must be 15 inches wide. 

The container you are using must have drainage holes to remove excess water from the soil. To improve the drainage level you can cover the holes with a fine net and after that place a layer of small stones.  

You can also place cracked pottery. This will avoid water logging after that fill the pot or container with high-quality potting mix. 

Best And Ideal Containers For Growing Ginger

Following are some containers that are suitable for growing ginger. You can choose one and grow your favorite ginger plants in it. 


container for ginger

These grow bagsOpens in a new tab. are made from non-woven fabric. This fabric is eco-friendly and breathable. This will help your rooted plants to breathe and help in faster growth. 

These grow bags are very strong and durable. The other interesting thing is that you can easily wash it. The color of these beautiful bags is brown and the shape is round. 

You can easily grow ginger in these bags and maintain your plants easily due to its convenient design of transparent material. You can easily keep an eye on your rooted vegetables. 

When your ginger plant is ready to harvest then you can easily get it from a large flap window. These containers are easily portable and you can move them from one place to another. You can place them on your balcony or your rooftop. 


planter for ginger

This is a perfect planterOpens in a new tab. for growing different vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, ginger, and onions. The material used for making this planter is plastic and the color is black. 

This pot has drainage holes which are essential for preventing your plant from root rot and many fungal diseases. drainage holes remove all the excess water from the soil. 

Waterlogging is not good for your ginger plants so you should avoid water. You should check the surface of the soil with the help of your finger if it feels dry that it is the time to water your plant. 

This planter is perfect for outdoor and indoor gardening. You should choose a sunny spot for your ginger plants so they will get enough sunlight for their growth. 


5 tier container for ginger

This planter is perfectOpens in a new tab. for indoor and outdoor gardening. This planter is made from polypropylene plastic and is very lightweight. This planter is best for growing edible plants because it is lead and mercury-free. 

This weather-resistant planter is suitable for growing ginger because this is wide enough. You can quickly assemble this planter if you follow all the instructions. 

Each container is 22 inches so your ginger plant gets an adequate room.  You can also grow flowers and plants in other containers. People who have any physical issues and problems with limited space can buy this planter. 

This planter has a unique and beautiful style, you can place this plant on your patio, deck, or yard. You can easily move this plant from one place to another. 


rustic container for ginger

Another attractive and stylish potOpens in a new tab. suitable for growing ginger plants. The color of the pot is bronze and its exterior is white. If we talk about the interior then its color is dark bronze. 

It is a combination of modern and classic styles. This planter is made from 100% stoneware with an electroplated bronze finish.  The stone where is very durable and great for holding your favorite plants. The diameter of the planter is 7 inches and the height is about 6.25 inches.


wooden planter container for ginger

This beautiful and wide planterOpens in a new tab. is made from cedarwood and plastic.  The shape of this planter is red rectangular and due to its width, you can easily plant ginger in it. The stunning rustic look makes it different and unique. 

You can place this planter on your windowsill. This planter is perfect for indoor gardening. The outer dimension of the planter is about 14.5″ × 6″ × 3.5″ and the inner dimension is 13.5″ × 4.5″ × 3. 


raised bed planter for ginger

Another beautiful raised garden planterOpens in a new tab. is made from cedar. The shape of this planter is rectangular and its depth is about 24 inches width is 47 inches and height is about 30 inches. This stunning and stylish planter has a fabric liner that is perfect for growing ginger plants.


wooden planter for ginger

This white planterOpens in a new tab. is very fantastic and made from polyethylene. The shape of the planter is square. This planter has a classy look with ultra-tough construction. 

This is a weatherproof planter and is made from 100% polyethylene. This is a long-lasting material and gives you fade-free performance. 

There is a self-watering system and water reservoir that encourages development in the plant. The roots of your ginger plants get enough water and grow healthily. 


raised bed planter for ginger

The material used for making this planter is wood. The color of this extraordinary planterOpens in a new tab. is brown.  The width is 24 inches, the depth is 2 inches and the height is 6 inches.  

Long-lasting composite boards are designed for this planter. You can easily assemble and install it. This planter is weather resistant and you can easily clean them. 

How To Grow Ginger In Containers?

grow ginger in pots

Ginger can be easily grown in pots and containers. After choosing the suitable container for your ginger plant the next step is preparing your container for growing your favorite ginger plant.

Need Organic Soil For Growing In Containers 

Well-drained and loamy soil is needed for growing ginger plants in a container. Make sure the soil you use to fill your container has all the essential organic nutrients. 

Make sure, you are not using alkaline soil because ginger plants can’t grow in it. the ideal pH for growing ginger must be between 5.3 to 6.8. 

It is better to use a high-quality potting mix for container gardening because it has all the basic materials which are essential for the growth of the ginger plant. If you are using garden soil, you can use compost and rotted manure to make the soil richer. 

If the soil can hold the moisture and has free-draining capacity then the roots of the ginger plants are protected from root rot. for big size rhizomes, you should use loose well-drained soil.  

To make soil richer you can use bio compost or vermicompost because ginger loves to grow in organic manures.

Planting Material For Growing Organic Ginger In Containers

You need high-quality seed rhizomes for growing organic ginger in containers. First, you should carefully examine the rhizomes, they should be free from all types of diseases and pests. 

It is suggested that you should use healthy organically cultivated ginger because it will produce healthy ginger. When you get high-quality seed rhizomes then never treat them with chemicals before planting them in the container. 

If you select fast-growing ginger rhizomes then they will give you high production. You should be careful when selecting the rhizomes as they should not be broken into two pieces. Every rhizome must have three sprouted buds.

The Process Of Growing Ginger In Containers

If you want to grow healthy ginger plants then they need regular feed and water. 

You should maintain the frequency of feeding and watering. Make sure the container you are using for growing ginger plants must be wide enough because ginger plants grow horizontally so they need room to grow. 

Make sure the containers you are using have drainage holes to remove excess water.  After filling the containers with high-quality potting mix, the next step is making holes of 4 inches and placing the pre-sprouted rhizomes in them (If you want your ginger root to grow very fast then before planting it so get it in water overnight). 

Place the ginger root in such a way that the eye bud should be pointing up. Now cover the rhizome with 1 to 2 inches of soil. After that, the rhizomes need water to adjust to the new environment. After planting, place your container where it receives morning sunlight and shade the whole day. 

How Much Water Does Ginger Need?

You can check the surface of the soil with the help of your finger if it feels dry then it is time to water your ginger plants. Never let the soil dry out and avoid overwatering because when water drains from the container it will take all the nutrients with it. To maintain the humidity in dry weather, your ginger plants need regular spray.

How To Fertilize Your Ginger Plants In Containers?

Fertilize your Ginger plant every 6 to 8 weeks, you can use seaweed extract and fish emulsion as they are organic fertilizers. If you want to get healthy production of ginger then it is suggested that you should use suitable organic manure and fertilizer on time. When your soil is rich then it will increase productivity. 


When you see the leaves of ginger plants start turning yellow then this is that to harvest ginger. After planting the rhizomes your ginger will be ready to harvest within 10 months. 

If the stem of the ginger starts dying after 7 to 8 months then you will get a good flavor of it. For harvesting the ginger, you need to pull some soil aside in the soil of the container. 

In this way, you will be able to find the roots. For harvesting purposes, if you are using a knife then make sure it is sanitized.

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